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First  Golddust  York was born shortly after the appearance of the first tricolor-beaver. And it was originally registered in Герании, in the stud book as «beaver white gold» (Biver White Gold). Although the new color was very attractive and interesting, he was met (as the beaver in his time), as just «wrong» color Yorkshire Terrier. Felt that голддаст is just wrong color standard Biver Yorkshire Terrier ala Pom Pon. And so it was not recognized.

Within a few years golddust color continued to manifest itself. Kirsten Sanchez Mayer - German teacher genetic biology saw how the dogs Biver White Gold and she really liked. She became interested in gene mutation голддастов, wanted to explore this phenomenon and learn more about it.

It turned out that golddust color («gold dust») is reproduced from a colour mutations in the skin. Mutation golddust occurs when a black or brown пегмент eumelanin (эмеланин) - is formed in the skin, but is still not visible. Pigment phaemelanin gives the skin a Golden hue. To get this colour both parents of the puppy must be голддастами who have this gene. Beaver or Yorkshire Terrier, who carry this gene, but do not show it in color, выявителями are not.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier can be a carrier of the gene, but do not give the puppies of this colour, if he ever was paired with a native голддаст gene. But, two голддаст parent will always produce голддаст-puppies.

Wise Werner Biewer brought their new dogs in the ring, only to be told that they are not standards Yorkshire terrier color, and will not be accepted as Yorkshire Terriers. In 1989, he was approved the standard of the new breed. Dog Alicia Goldschatz vom Klosterbach and Anjalie Goldschatz vom Klosterbach were the first officially recognized голддастами. But this happened only on 12 December 2007.

Golddust Yorkshire Terrier literally - Golden representative of Yorkshire Terriers.

Standard Голддаст Yorkshire Terrier

Origin: Germany
The breed is not recognized by the FCI
Head :
-the head is small and flat
-not long muzzle
-erect ears
the eyes of a medium size, color from green-brown to dark brown
nose black, pink spots are permissible
scissors bite
Body :
-torso compact, strong, well-proportional
-the legs, not too long
-rounded paws
-skin pink color with Golden spots
-an undocked, highly placed
- white-goldish, no matter what distribution(Golden оттенокцвета may, however, not obliged, very much lighter than the rest of the adult dog so guess it only as a Golden dust from here and the name "Golddust”-gold dust.)
-long hair
-on the coat of an adult dog should not be black hair (puppies are allowed black hair tips)
-hair on chest pure white, as well as on the legs and belly
The height of the withers:
-from 20 to 25 cm
-up to 5 kg (females Pets little more)

Origin: Germany